Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

I was speaking with a client, planning her upcoming family session when during the conversation she mentioned to me that her mother had given her daughter a dress that she wore in her sisters wedding, forty years ago. She continued saying her daughter was going to have so much fun playing dress up when I screamed WAIT…..WHAT did you say?

As she began to explain what she had already stated, my head started spinning and planning the session we would do in that dress! And so it began. Creating those memories that this family and especially Grandma would cherish forever.

You see, that’s what it’s all about. Documenting those moments so that for years to come you will look back and Enjoy and Remember. This can begin with a family session of course, but it doesn’t have to.

Some of my favorite sessions start with your child’s imagination, what they love, how they like to play dress up and their favorite toys or characters. For boys it might be his superman costume, for girls it might be her favorite princess dress. Whatever their passion is, we can document that. So that in years to come you and your loved ones can look back and remember…

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