Making the Holiday’s Sweet

The holidays are filled with so many magical moments, especially with children.  What better way to enjoy the magic of Christmas with your little ones than baking holiday treats?

Of course, there’s always that chance that it could be messy or chaotic, but the memories…oh they will be worth every bit of flour, all of the cookie crumbs, and the unlimited amount of spilled sugar you have to wipe up!

These littles packed as many cookie cutters as they could possibly fit onto the dough, and it was magical watching them press down sooo firmly and gently pull the shapes out.  After the baking was done, the Chefs became completely enthralled in creating holiday whimsey and demonstrating their decorating skills.  I’m pretty sure more sprinkles went into their bellies than on the cookies, but who’s counting!

Do you remember what your childhood was like around the holidays? I’ll never forget the fudge and pralines, my FAVORITE peanut butter hop-scotch my mom made, and the beautiful Christmas tins that all of the treats were carefully packed in.  Christmas was special when I was a kid.  And now, I enjoy nothing more than capturing the pure magic that is Christmas through the eyes of children.

What is one of YOUR best holiday memories?  It feels so long ago that my girls were babies, and they were having their first Christmas.  It’s certainly not a lie that time flies….that you’ll blink and they’ll be grown.  Much reason to create and enjoy every single magical moment at Christmas and every day!

Thank you Reid, Luke, and Brett for allowing me to capture memories for you!

Blessings and Merry Christmas,


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