Ferrer Family | Baton Rouge Family Photography

I have to admit, when a friend asks me to capture their family, I get a little more nervous than when it is a family I don’t know personally.  Sounds crazy I know, but family photography is so intimate to me.  And when I already know a family and I know how amazing they are, I get anxious because I have really high standards of capturing the real personalities and awesomeness that I know they are.  Does that make sense?

I have known Ashley before it was Ashley and Simon and I have known these babies since before they were named.

So with butterflies in my belly, I met this awesome family at one of my favorite locations.  Ashley had butterflies too knowing these tots are quick as lightening.  It was a lovely Louisiana evening and the light was amazing.

I hope you can feel the love and connection of this special family and see the pure joy that is within each of them.



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